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The last few years have made it rather awkward to be able to get around and create video content for this website’s channels on well known popular video sharing websites.

First my own car had issues with it’s MOT in 2019 (and I still haven’t been able to afford to fix the thing), then after about 15-months of having to leg it everywhere again finally taking charge of my Dad’s car to get around, only to still not being able to get around much ‘cos of the dratted freak-out over the virus.

I have since started running into further issues to knacker my efforts, which now includes running low on hard drive space from getting a bit carried away catching up with TV & Movie content from iTunes taking my 2TB drive down to it’s last 5GB.
I’m currently trying to fix that issue by trying to find time to move over to a 4TB external drive.

I’ve had an instagram account for this website since January 2019, but haven’t been able to do much with it due to it being akward to upload, with my devices all too old to run the latest version of the app, so having to resort to using an Android emulator called Bluestacks to do anything involving adding content. This wasn’t easy as it had a habit of freezing my PC trying to access the hard drive.


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You may have noticed that Instagram have recently tweaked their website to make it easier to upload, so now I’m looking through my stash of old digital pictures to see what I can finally stick up on Instagram.

I already made a test upload to try it out the other week, but it refused to accept it (file size too big being from one of my HD capable cameras?).

I’ve been looking through pictures from my first 2 digital cameras to give them a try soon (at least the ones I was able to salvage from older drives after my previous secondary hard drive screwed-up in June/July 2015) and about to give one of them a try shortly.

Some how so far the account has made it to 102 followers, and following back 62 accounts despite only having 3 images uploaded (2 from January 2019, 1 from September 2019)…..

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