Class 142 Pacer DMU Double Uploaded Finally

After months of putting it off due to pandemics, hard drive failures and other computer issues, numerous interruptions around the household that make it impossible to get anything done for months at a time, and all sorts of other issues too long to keep track of, today I finally got it sorted – uploaded a pair of clips of Class 142 Pacer DMU’s on the local line.

First recorded on the Fuji F550EXR camera on 2 seperate days in April 2019 while walking to or from town along the footpath that follows the line and the river between Ruswarp and Whitby Stations.

Since I don’t earn any revenue (still) from the world’s most popular video sharing website where the content uploads first started in 2017, I have multiple uploaded across most of the platforms where LocomotivesUK has a presence, including: Rumble (above), YouTube (Below), BitChute and the Facebook Page (further below).

Attempts where also made to upload to DailyMotion and Twitter (X) profiles, but they didn’t seem to like the file format or something, and were awkward. Might also try with the Vimeo channel later?

The clips also for the first time feature a new outro clip I recently cobbled together to replace the video files for earlier Intro/Outro clips on the uploads getting nailed by a hard drive failure.

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