Whitby Deltics 2012

Back in the summer of 2012 I managed to capture some footage on my Panasonic camcorder of some Class 55 Deltic activity in the Whitby area.

They’ve always been one of my favourite design of locomotives, ever since I was little.

Anyway, they’ve lived as individual clips on my personal YouTube channel since they were first recorded and uploaded, and the originals long since lost due to a Seagate Hard Drive failing on me 3 years ago.

Having obtained a new hard drive (then a year or two after that ending up needing a new computer), and having blagged a copy of Corel VideoStudio X5 through the Amazon Vine reviews program, back in April of this year I re-downloaded the files from my channel and sticky-taped them together into a single 7-minute video for this website’s YouTube Channel I created before the monetisation changes.