July 2004 Trip to York Revisited

On Tuesday 20th July 2004 I made a trip on the Yorkshire Coastliner to York to go on the loose with my trusty old Olympus AM-100 compact film camera.

Once I got the developed pictures back, I made a webpage with the scanned pics from the trip that I never really fully finished but at least got the pictures from York Station onto it.

From what I can vaguely recall the page had a brief spurt of fame on Yahoo groups before fading into obscurity in the deepest, darkest depths of my webhosting space until now when I needed to make space. Continue reading “July 2004 Trip to York Revisited”

Fiendish Railway Quiz

I’ve decided to try making quizzes a regular part of the blog, and here’s the first one I’ve managed to cobble together while tinkering with the plugin I recently installed in order to make them…..

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