Donate to LocomotivesUK

If you have seen some content you like on the blog, video channels or Instagram there are a number of ways you can Donate to LocomotivesUK to drop me a tip, help keep the place running with hosting fees and domain renewals, and help me more easily get around to record more footage.

Option 1:

Paypal (Direct)

Donate to LocomotivesUK with Paypal (QR Code)
Scan this QR Code if you want to donate money to the LocomotivesUK website to help pay for hosting fees, or help the creator get out and about more to create more content for YouTube and Instagram for your enjoyment

Option 2: You can also pay in a variety of Cryptocurrencies via Coinbase

Pay with Bitcoin to Donate Send Donation in Ethereum Classic via Coinbase
Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum Ethereum Classic

Option 3:

Stripe is now banned for discriminating against the content creator who runs this website Worldpay is far better than stripe, or AlignPay too
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