Website Now Upgraded to SSL

Today I’ve made a brief upgrade to the website so that it runs over SSL with an https:// at the start of the domain instead of the traditional less secure http:// version.

In theory this should make the site more secure, run faster + keep google happy.

It’s also now required to have an https:// at the start of the url for certain well known popular social media websites to allow your website to use their website for log-in & registration, such as Facebook Connect and similar website features.

UPDATE: 4th October 2021

The site has now been downgraded from using SSL as I needed the certificate for something else, and it wasn’t making that much difference to securing the site anyway from spammers.

It will be upgraded again at a later date when I’m better able to afford the £100 a year the webhosts charge for having more than the 2 included SSL certificates on the package when running more than 1 website on it.