Volunteers Needed for Miniature Railway

Like many organisations involved in heritage railways, the Volunteer team at the National Railway Museum in York are looking for people to help run things.

On this occasion they require people to help with their 7 1/4-inch Gauge Miniature Railway.

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Applications being taken until 3rd October 2022
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DriveTribe Visits the Talyllyn Railway

Interesting little something I found on YouTube that may of interest to rail enthusiasts that aren’t necessarily big YouTube enthusiasts or “car guys”.

Mike from the “DriveTribe” car channel operated by Clarkson, Hammond and May formerly of Top Gear fame (and now hosts of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime) presenting a video from the Talyllyn Steam Railway, and uploaded to the “What Next?” channel on YouTube (that previously used to be the “FoodTribe” offshoot of DriveTribe).

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Class 55 Deltic at Whitby Station 2012 – Panoramic Pic

I got a number of opportunities to photograph one of my favourite locomotives types in 2012, the Class 55 Deltic (most of the footage being lost to a HDD failure a few summers later).

Included was an attempt at using the panoramic mode on my best digital compact, and now I’ve got a new plugin here on the blog for displaying panoramic shots thought I’d take the opportunity to test it out with a picture recovered from a now defunct extra webhosting package I had for one of my previous website projects. Continue reading “Class 55 Deltic at Whitby Station 2012 – Panoramic Pic”