LNER Class A4 4498 (60007) Sir Nigel Gresley Steam Locomotive Video Compilation

This latest addition to the LocomotivesUK Youtube Channel features all the footage I managed to piece together of LNER A4 60007 (4498) Sir Nigel Gresley over a period of years from 2002 until 2015.

There was one clip missing, likely lost in the Seagate hard drive failure, but it wasn’t all that brilliant to begin with. One evening in April/May 2008 I caught a glimpse of it doing a trial run to Whitby and back prior to the runs featured in this video which did survive.

The opening 3 still images were taken at Pickering Station on 14th April 2015, a couple of months before that Seagate Hard Drive problem I keep mentioning. Thankfully I was able to recover them from my personal Facebook albums.

The next 2 images in the opening titles were captured at some point during the summer of 2002 on my old Olympus AM-100 compact film camera while I was volunteering there as part of a scheme for the devoid of employment for a number of months.

The opening actual video in the video at 20-seconds into the video was captured on 3rd May 2008 on my Fuji A345 digital camera at around 2:31pm (if the camera clock was right at the time), so as it was a Saturday I was likely starting my way off to help in my Grandma’s garden at the time.

The resolution of that clip isn’t that great as the best the camera could do was 320×240, hence why the clip shows that small in the HD video and embedded over a coloured background.

After all these years, this compilation video is the first time ever that this video has made it onto the internet.

The next clip at 2-minutes 5-seconds into the video has been on the internet before, and was taken the following day with my slightly better Fuji S6500fd Digital “bridge” camera at a slightly better 640×480 resolution (480p), and like the previous clip been embedded on top of a background so it doesn’t look pants in this much higher resolution video format.

I first uploaded this video to my personal YouTube channel on 26th June 2010, where it has received 703 views, and the 8th video I ever uploaded, 7th one made public).

It was my main inspiration for making this compilation, as the original upload is no longer publicly shown on my main page of uploads for reasons known only unto Youtube, so I have to go digging into Creator studio to find it again. It is also included in a playlist I made on my personal channel, as well as also being uploaded to my personal Facebook profile.

The original was also lost in the Seagate hard drive failure, so I had to re-download it from YouTube, and I managed to date it from the version I had uploaded on Facebook.

The next 2 clips from 3-minutes 14-seconds into the video onwards were captured on the April 2015 trip to Pickering and originally appeared on my personal Youtube channel.

They’re of better quality because I used my Fuji F550EXR camera for these, which captures in High Definition. Just like most of the footage I had to recover this from my personal YouTube channel as well.

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