About LocomotivesUK – Extended

The story, as originally told on the Responsive HTML front end of the site since 2017 before I started putting this wordpress thing to more use.

I have been nuts about trains for about as long as I can remember being able to stand upright, all the way back to around 1982/1983 at the earliest, and certainly by 1984/85.

Triggered by a mixture of playing with model trains + living a few minutes away from a well known popular Yorkshire preservation railway, followed by a handful of trips to the stations at York and Darlington, and a few more regular trips to Lancaster station up until around 1989 while on holiday.

In 2002 I finally returned to the well known popular Yorkshire preservation railway as part of work experience, which didn’t go too badly until the big cheeses in charge weren’t quite so enthusiastic about me sharing my experiences online there with fellow railway enthusiasts as I was.

In 2006 I acquired my first properly usable Digital camera, and became as prolific at taking pictures as I’d always wanted to be, and gained the ability to take video footage too (just wish I’d been equally able to afford to get around as much as I wanted to).

In 2007/2008 I gained an interest in acquiring domain names for investment purposes, and after much poking around + much getting carried away, Locomotives.org.uk was the best available domain name I could find to buy with a connection to my interest in railways, likewise I also managed to blag BritishAngling.co.uk for my interest in fishing, but as this is a railways website that’s another story.

In June 2013 I finally created the current messageboard to try turn the site into a fully fledged railways website, and created the twitter account for it a couple of summers later.

By 2016, the advertising department of a well known popular internet search engine started nagging me about including one of those cookie consent pop-up nags + responsive web design.

This eventually called for the acquiring of some brand spanking new web design software, and an experimental mobile version of this website made with it while I got the hang of it.

Now it’s 2017, the classic version of the site was starting to look a right mess, so here’s the newest version of the site, which I hope will be of more use to fellow railway nuts (and perhaps also get my breakthrough of a website I can earn a living from after years of trying).


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