Class 142 Pacer DMU Double Uploaded Finally

After months of putting it off due to pandemics, hard drive failures and other computer issues, numerous interruptions around the household that make it impossible to get anything done for months at a time, and all sorts of other issues too long to keep track of, today I finally got it sorted – uploaded a pair of clips of Class 142 Pacer DMU’s on the local line.

First recorded on the Fuji F550EXR camera on 2 seperate days in April 2019 while walking to or from town along the footpath that follows the line and the river between Ruswarp and Whitby Stations. Continue reading “Class 142 Pacer DMU Double Uploaded Finally”

UK Spec Freightliner Class 70 Locomotive Spotted in the USA

Last weekend while perusing my social media timelines I spotted a clip posted to one of the Facebook Groups/Pages of a  Class 70 Diesel Locomotive in old style Freightliner livery pottering around in the US with a pair of American locomotives.

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LocomotivesUK is SSL Again

You may have noticed a slight change to the LocomotivesUK Railblog in that it has started flipping to being a sub-domain of one of my other domain names.

This has been done to help save spending £125 a year on having more than 2 SSL Certificates available on my hosting package, which I have to split between 15 – 20 domain names.

The move should help keep the site safer, keep Google happy, speed things up as this AlltheInterweb domain is also wired-up to Cloudflare CDN and stop your web browser making false claims that this website might not be safe just because it was using ye olde fashioned http instead of https like you see now.

Volunteers Needed for Miniature Railway

Like many organisations involved in heritage railways, the Volunteer team at the National Railway Museum in York are looking for people to help run things.

On this occasion they require people to help with their 7 1/4-inch Gauge Miniature Railway.

Click Here for More Details
Applications being taken until 3rd October 2022
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DriveTribe Visits the Talyllyn Railway

Interesting little something I found on YouTube that may of interest to rail enthusiasts that aren’t necessarily big YouTube enthusiasts or “car guys”.

Mike from the “DriveTribe” car channel operated by Clarkson, Hammond and May formerly of Top Gear fame (and now hosts of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime) presenting a video from the Talyllyn Steam Railway, and uploaded to the “What Next?” channel on YouTube (that previously used to be the “FoodTribe” offshoot of DriveTribe).

Click Here to watch it directly on YouTube if you’ve got a spare 17minutes Continue reading “DriveTribe Visits the Talyllyn Railway”

Class 55 Deltic at Whitby Station 2012 – Panoramic Pic

I got a number of opportunities to photograph one of my favourite locomotives types in 2012, the Class 55 Deltic (most of the footage being lost to a HDD failure a few summers later).

Included was an attempt at using the panoramic mode on my best digital compact, and now I’ve got a new plugin here on the blog for displaying panoramic shots thought I’d take the opportunity to test it out with a picture recovered from a now defunct extra webhosting package I had for one of my previous website projects. Continue reading “Class 55 Deltic at Whitby Station 2012 – Panoramic Pic”

Making LocomotivesUK Greater on Instagram

The last few years have made it rather awkward to be able to get around and create video content for this website’s channels on well known popular video sharing websites.

First my own car had issues with it’s MOT in 2019 (and I still haven’t been able to afford to fix the thing), then after about 15-months of having to leg it everywhere again finally taking charge of my Dad’s car to get around, only to still not being able to get around much ‘cos of the dratted freak-out over the virus. Continue reading “Making LocomotivesUK Greater on Instagram”

Forums Clean-up

Efforts to clean the forums of several months worth of spam are on-going in an effort to make the damn place usable again for pukka users.

I’m slowly getting there via a combination of shunting the cr*p into a hidden section of the forums + deleting it after reporting the morons via StopForumSpam.

Feel free to use the forums for their intended purpose of talking about trains, and perhaps Introduce Yourself.

Talk About Trains

Back in the early days of me using the internet. and becoming a born again railway enthusiast back around 2002 one of the first places I cut my teeth talking online about trains was on Yahoo Groups.

Now in the continuing saga of the managed decline of Yahoo, the groups on there are apparently going to be totally binned.

If you’re looking for somewhere else to talk about locomotives and railway related stuff on the interweb, don’t forget we have a messageboard forum attached to the blog where you can talk about this stuff instead, as well as a comments box below each article on the blog. Continue reading “Talk About Trains”

Track Tamper in Whitby Sidings

Spotted this around 4:40pm Monday (2/March/2020) while I was wandering into town….

I didn’t have my good cameras with me at the time, so I had to make do with my knackered old iPhone 3GS to bodge these few shots in the fading light.